Sunday, August 28, 2011

Back In Action

Hello my friends! It has been ages upon ages since I've done a post, but school is upon us sooner than you'd think. Therefore the following may be long and boring but bear with me if you're at all interested in catching up. My summer consisted of an eventful, and utterly eye-opening trip to Costa Rica for a solid 2 and a half months. And let me just say I've never experienced anything like it. Hard to put into words, but what I do know is that 1. I NEED to return in the near future, if not to visit my newfound friends, to visit such a happy country once again. 2. My travels are definitely continuing, with places such as India and Asia on my list. Anyways I highly recommend a trip  to Costa Rica if you haven't already been. 

I also got in some solid family time in Chicago, which is always nice, and not to mention one of my favorite places on the planet. Other than that I've been happily fun-employed (aka unemployed for those not up to date on my lingo), so my days have consisted of working out, tanning in my back yard, and being an avid moksha yoga attendee. It may be a new addiction.  If you haven't tried it out I would say give it a shot, and if you have reservations because of the sweaty hell that bikram was, don't hate on moksha. It may be sweaty, but just trust me when I say it is ten times better. PS! If you sign up now an introductory month is only $40 for unlimited classes, which is a hella good deal. So get on it.

Well thanks for reading my ramblings, and hopefully since school generally forces me into a routine of some sort I can be a bit more attentive to my lonely blog. Until next time. 

xoxo C

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