Friday, September 30, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Week

It's that time again...the weekend! Tonight I will be staying in and baking. Wait until you see the beauty I'm whipping up. I swear the older we get the faster these weeks go by. So much to accomplish and so little time it seems. As promised though, the weekly edition of what has been awkward and awesome lately.

-Trying to get my daily twitter fix while in class, and I honestly don't know how but with a combination of trying to pay attention and show off my typing speed or something I ended up at Yeah, for future reference I recommend NOT going there. Especially with people all around you asking themselves "Who the hell is this weirdo?"
-Coming home after a long day of learning and thinking I'm walking into my friends place to say hey, when in reality it's not their place at all. Try the next block of houses. I literally strolled into someone else's kitchen, sat down and started talking to random girls before I realized my little mistake.
-Actually looking semi decent for school and spilling my starbucks all down the front of myself. good thing I was in beige pants, and NO I did not pee myself thanks. 
-Walking down Broadway while pushing the stroller of the little girl I babysit. First off I look like a teen mom let's be honest, but to top it all off, I'm wearing a tee that says 'HUNG like a GG' on the front and 'RIDE IT' on the back. Classy huh?

-Experiencing the best Dim Sum I've ever tasted, with the most fabulous Longboat team mates a girl could ask for. Check out Sun Sui Wah on Main and 23rd if you're ever in Vancouver!
-Discovering Lord Voldemort on twitter. I can't stop laughing. Go right now to @Lord_Voldemort7. 
-Studying to some classics, we brought back the Matchbox 20 this week and I don't care what you say but 3 AM is an amazing song. 
-Realizing just how soon I get to head home to see my family and friends in Edmonton! Time sneaks up on you.  
-My friend Mariah telling me she has a pumpkin farm and corn maze. My dream come true. Hello pumpkin carving and maze exploring, here I come. I can't get enough of autumn. I've said it once and I'll say it again.

xoxo C.

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Everyone always asks you where you're going in life, and really at this point I couldn't tell a single soul who asked me. They ask me what I'm majoring in at school and when I respond with the dreaded words I'm an English major, I'm faced with a questioning look every single time (unless they're one of my fellow English majors), but really at this point in my life it's the only thing that actually makes sense for me, that feels like it fits. There are tons of opportunities out there in regards to life after school with an English degree, it's just a matter of choosing what's right and what works. For me (really the only person who matters in this case) that's good enough. So in a feeble attempt to somehow get across to all those who don't really understand my choices here you go. 
{img via white-lilies.tumblr}

Think about it.
xoxo C.

Black Bathroom

So I was looking around on Tumblr and came across these photos:
{img via prettystuff.tumblr}

{img via}

Black walls in a bathroom. I've never really thought about it, but I love everything about this decor. The colour scheme is phenomenal to me with the light jade and coral accents. I think that having black walls in a bedroom, or larger living space may be a touch too much, unless it were an accent wall, but in the bathroom it seems just right. What do you think?

xoxo C. 

Friday, September 23, 2011

Weekend Comfort

Another weekend is upon us and I have to say I'm more excited to stay in and lounge with my sweats and glasses, a nice cup of tea, a few books (some school related, others not so school related), and to watch a good movie than to go out. 

Have a great weekend!
xoxo C.

Awkward & Awesome

So I thought I would try to institute some sort of weekly post that I could look forward to writing. I came across the blog The Daybook thanks to my good friend Alana and ever since that fateful day in August I can't get enough of Sydney and her cute little family.  Sydney does a post every Thursday about both the awkward and awesome moments she has had throughout the week and every week I think to myself "Wow that's a great idea!" More over, I  think about all the awkward and awesome encounters I have through out the week, so I thought I'd give it a go. 

-almost getting ran over by a cyclist, who coincidentally used to be someone of great importance in my seriously couldn't even stop and utter a sorry?
-today's journey to class with some random man venting to me about the 'ghetto' life he leads and how everyone he knows judges him too hard.
-having to tweet a certain someone to clean their puke off the front of our house.
-the shameful moment a lady at starbucks told me I had TP sticking out the back of my jeans.
-my math prof telling me he reads my blog from time to time. who knew?

-being walked home after a night out, gentlemen do still exist in this world.
-above said gentleman asking to make dinner for me (I repeat they do exist).
-developing a sense of neighborly love; why yes you can borrow some milk anytime!
-taking a personal day and doing absolutely nothing. sometimes you just need it.
-decaf earl grey tea being introduced to my life, why didn't we know each other before?
-having a terrible night turn into the beginning of a beautiful friendship (hello karma).
-having a nice glass (or 2..) of diablo wine while doing homework or skyping my best friend.

{img via}

xoxo C.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Autumn Love

I love fall. What's not to love? I can think of hundreds of things that just make this season one of absolute perfection. Here are a few for you to ponder and get you started on your own 'Things You Love About Fall' list.
{img via talking-birds.tumblr}

Enjoy this beautiful season before it's snatched from us by winter's frosty fingers. 
(Or in the case of home away from home Vancouver, the never ending days of rain.)

xoxo C.

Ombre Locks

I get restless so easily and with that said it may be time to give my hair a little change up. I've been wanting to participate in some experimentation with my locks (albeit subtle and classy experimentation). Before I left for school at the end of the summer I was talking to a friend, who is also a really great hair dresser, and she thought that an ombre dye job, done tastefully mind you, would look good on these locks of mine. I'm feeling more of a Lauren Conrad look, not a Drew Barrymore. 

{imgs via tumblr, weheartit}

Sweet Dreams. xoxo C

Seriously Read This

Hello ladies (or gents for that matter) here is a blog post that you absolutely have to read. Although it may or may not ring true for some of us, for others this is bang on it seems. So give it a read, and enjoy a good laugh or the funny feeling of realization that these are some fine words of wisdom. 

How to Text Like A Betch
Pretty sure MKO knows how to text like a betch. 
{img via}
xoxo C.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Purse Envy

I don't know about you, but I've been secretly (or not so secretly), craving a large yet cute carry all that could work for school and everything else. When I saw this Proenza Schouler bag on net-a-porter I fell in love. It comes in so many gorgeous colours, who could resist? Unfortunately I didn't fall in love with the price tag, and I for one do not have the funds for a $2000 bag!
{img via netaporter}

So with a little sleuthing I was able to find a look-a-like for under $100 on Bag Inc. Coming in a variety of gorgeous autumn colours (although not my beloved raspberry shade), you can't go wrong.  
{img via}

Or finally you could go the ASOS route and check out their gem for $110. In my books this oxblood colour is a steal. I guess anything is compared to the real PS1. 
{img via}

I guess a girl can dream for the real thing!

xoxo C. 

Monday, September 19, 2011

Girl Crush

I've had girl crushes in the past, namely on Mila Kunis cause she's fabulous. Who can disagree, but lately I can't get enough of Emma Roberts. She's been dressing fantastically these past few months and her hair has never looked better. Whether she's dressed casually or going for a more elegant look, in my eyes she can do no wrong.
{all imgs via tumblr, weheartit}

Neeeeeeeeed You.

I've been loving on this whole raspberry, wine, burgundy trend for a while and seeing Natalie's latest posts my craving was set into motion once again. These BCBG loafers are adorable and would go well with numerous items in my wardrobe. Can I have you please?
{img via}

xoxo C.

Simple Pleasures

Classes have started, and summer has come to an abrupt end. I went from wearing shorts one day to jeans and boots the next. I guess you learn to expect that from Vancouver weather. School has been pretty hectic as most of you probably know all too well, but life's little pleasures keep us all going. 

Chanel Peridot Le Vernis Nail Colour
I picked up a bottle of this nail polish at The Bay a few days ago and since I have a camera, but lost the cord to transfer photos to my laptop I won't be able to provide you with a picture of my nails, so you will have to try it out for yourself. And you really should. I'd never tried a Chanel polish before, but this goes on smoothly, and with just 2 coats I got a beautiful golden, khaki colour that has yet to chip, which with me is a feat in itself. At 27$ it is a bit of a splurge, but I would say it is well worth it.  
[img via]

Essie Nail Lacquer 'Wrapped in Rubies'
I'm not a huge Essie fan, but I thought I might as well give them another try. For around $8 at Shoppers this polish isn't overly expensive, and it surprisingly goes on very well. A perfect fall colour, it glimmers and gives your nails a beautiful burgundy glow. With only 2 coats you are set to go, although I found that it chipped quite easily so make sure you use a solid top coat. 

New Glasses!
I finally got around to getting some new frames, and found the winning ones at Hakim Optical off Whyte. After getting a stellar deal while talking with our man Hakim I decided to go for a new style. New year, new glasses, new organizational skills, as demonstrated by my cute agenda. 

Grounds for Coffee Cinnamon Buns
These cinnamon buns are stellar. Found at Vancouver's very own coffee shop called 'Grounds for Coffee' you can get a single bun, or even a whole box. With the best cream cheese icing your taste buds will ever encounter, you can't go wrong!

What are the simple pleasures that get you through the school day, week, or even the month?

xoxo C.