Friday, September 30, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Week

It's that time again...the weekend! Tonight I will be staying in and baking. Wait until you see the beauty I'm whipping up. I swear the older we get the faster these weeks go by. So much to accomplish and so little time it seems. As promised though, the weekly edition of what has been awkward and awesome lately.

-Trying to get my daily twitter fix while in class, and I honestly don't know how but with a combination of trying to pay attention and show off my typing speed or something I ended up at Yeah, for future reference I recommend NOT going there. Especially with people all around you asking themselves "Who the hell is this weirdo?"
-Coming home after a long day of learning and thinking I'm walking into my friends place to say hey, when in reality it's not their place at all. Try the next block of houses. I literally strolled into someone else's kitchen, sat down and started talking to random girls before I realized my little mistake.
-Actually looking semi decent for school and spilling my starbucks all down the front of myself. good thing I was in beige pants, and NO I did not pee myself thanks. 
-Walking down Broadway while pushing the stroller of the little girl I babysit. First off I look like a teen mom let's be honest, but to top it all off, I'm wearing a tee that says 'HUNG like a GG' on the front and 'RIDE IT' on the back. Classy huh?

-Experiencing the best Dim Sum I've ever tasted, with the most fabulous Longboat team mates a girl could ask for. Check out Sun Sui Wah on Main and 23rd if you're ever in Vancouver!
-Discovering Lord Voldemort on twitter. I can't stop laughing. Go right now to @Lord_Voldemort7. 
-Studying to some classics, we brought back the Matchbox 20 this week and I don't care what you say but 3 AM is an amazing song. 
-Realizing just how soon I get to head home to see my family and friends in Edmonton! Time sneaks up on you.  
-My friend Mariah telling me she has a pumpkin farm and corn maze. My dream come true. Hello pumpkin carving and maze exploring, here I come. I can't get enough of autumn. I've said it once and I'll say it again.

xoxo C.

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