Friday, September 23, 2011

Awkward & Awesome

So I thought I would try to institute some sort of weekly post that I could look forward to writing. I came across the blog The Daybook thanks to my good friend Alana and ever since that fateful day in August I can't get enough of Sydney and her cute little family.  Sydney does a post every Thursday about both the awkward and awesome moments she has had throughout the week and every week I think to myself "Wow that's a great idea!" More over, I  think about all the awkward and awesome encounters I have through out the week, so I thought I'd give it a go. 

-almost getting ran over by a cyclist, who coincidentally used to be someone of great importance in my seriously couldn't even stop and utter a sorry?
-today's journey to class with some random man venting to me about the 'ghetto' life he leads and how everyone he knows judges him too hard.
-having to tweet a certain someone to clean their puke off the front of our house.
-the shameful moment a lady at starbucks told me I had TP sticking out the back of my jeans.
-my math prof telling me he reads my blog from time to time. who knew?

-being walked home after a night out, gentlemen do still exist in this world.
-above said gentleman asking to make dinner for me (I repeat they do exist).
-developing a sense of neighborly love; why yes you can borrow some milk anytime!
-taking a personal day and doing absolutely nothing. sometimes you just need it.
-decaf earl grey tea being introduced to my life, why didn't we know each other before?
-having a terrible night turn into the beginning of a beautiful friendship (hello karma).
-having a nice glass (or 2..) of diablo wine while doing homework or skyping my best friend.

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xoxo C.


  1. I absolutely loved this post... I hope you keep doing these... I look forward to reading them!