Monday, March 28, 2011

Tribal Phenom

Ahhhh someone get me a pair of these babies. Gorgeous. Too bad I'm a jungle woman this summer. 
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Friday, March 25, 2011

Bikini Lust

Once again I can't sleep...What else is new. Anyways I decided to do something really productive and scope out some potential bikinis from Victoria's Secret. I mean I am going to Costa Rica and all, so I may as well stock up for my 3 1/2 week beach side dream after my volunteering is over right? I'm absolutely in love with these babies. With so many to choose from its hard to pick just one!
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So as you could tell from my favorites above, apparently I'm really into the pinks and reds for summer. Get me home so I can hit up VS!


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Workout Playlist

I've been on a bit of a fitness kick lately, and I have to say even a bad day can become a good one after a solid session at the gym. So get outside, or to the gym and get those endorphins flowing, bikini season is almost here! You can thank me later. Here are a few songs that always get me in the groove and working my hardest. 
PS: I know I laughed when I first thought of a couple of these, but seriously they work!

Heels Over Head- Boys Like Girls
Contagious- Avril Lavigne
Crazy In Love- Beyonce & Jay-Z
What's My Age Again- Blink 182 
(or really any Blink song for that matter. Trust me.)
Toxic-Britney Spears
Next 2 You- Buckcherry
Do It Alone- Sugarcult
DJ's Got Us Falling In Love-Usher
Only Girl- Rihanna
You're So Damn Hot- OK GO
You're Gonna Go Far Kid- The Offspring
Waking Up In Vegas- Katy Perry

So there are a few suggestions to get you going, there are WAY too many fantastic songs I've found on my iPod that are great to workout to.

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Coming Up: Working it out in cute, yet functional workout gear, fun ways to exercise

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Love it.

Read it. Promise. Such an enlightening, uplifting, fantastic novel. 
'Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close' by Jonathan Safran Foer.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Aveda Institute

Sooooo I FINALLY got around to getting my hair done today, and it was kind of spur of the moment. I was recommended to the Aveda schools by a few friends so I thought I'd give it a try, and it was a great choice! You can choose to have your hair done by Institute students, Academy students or Instructors, for varying prices. Either way, if your services are performed by a student the prices are super reasonable, something that I know all you students out there, myself included, really appreciate. I had an Academy student working on my hair and she did a fantastic job. With an instructor checking up on you you're in great hands. Best part, my hair smelled like phenomenal Aveda products when I left! Check it out.

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Sunday, March 13, 2011


As residents of Dunbar, my room-mate Erica and I are frequent visitors to a local gem called Jethro's- Fine Grub. Open 8-4 daily, there is no dinner menu just all day breakfast and lunch. It's the cutest little place with a quirky personality all its own. The servers are all super nice and the music choices are pretty classic as well, ranging from the perfect Now and Then soundtrack, to some old blues. Its the perfect atmosphere. If that weren't reason enough to take a trip over to Dunbar, the food is phenomenal. As a self-proclaimed breakfast lover (I would legitimately eat breakfast for every meal if I could), Jethro's is heaven. The Eggs Benny is my personal fave, and what's more it comes in about 5 different styles. The pancakes are bigger than a regular sized dinner plate, and there are 2 of them in a serving...good luck finishing them. I won't even get started on anything else, you can find out for yourselves. But basically when it comes down to it, anything you have at Jethro's is bound to be great, quite inexpensive and hey the lunch menu isn't too shabby either. If you plan to head over on a weekend be prepared to wait! 

Happy Eating Everyone!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Latest Loves

It's Friday, yay yay yay, can't wait to have a nice relaxing weekend, no work, not a lot of homework, just some me time! Claire is almost here, less than a week til' shenanigans with my best friend can happen. Now that I'm finally a working girl again I can afford a few luxuries now and then. Here's a few things I have my eye on.

leather leggings/pants- love love love this outfit, casual, cute, perfect. dying to recreate.
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lightening the locks-spring is almost here, and i'm feeling that my hair is needing a little update and change of seasons. planning to add a few subtle highlights around the face and peeking through for a subtle change ala Mila Kunis, Leighton Meester, Rachel Bilson style. 
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topshop is coming to canada!- how exciting is this news. this fall get ready.


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hot Guys With Style

There is nothing better than a handsome guy who knows how to dress himself. Here are a few well-dressed fellows that have recently caught my eye. 

Zac Efron
Since his split with Vanessa he has been looking better than ever. Sweet dreams ladies (and men for that matter.)

Penn Badgley
Being a cast member of Gossip Girl sure has transformed Penn from his days of 'John Tucker Must Die'.

Liam Hemsworth
Why would Miley end things with him! Love his casual street style.

Jake Gyllenhaal
What doesn't Jake look good in really?

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Blockbuster Time

Oscar season has come and gone and there are still deep movies like 'Winter's Bone' and 'True Grit' that I have yet to see, but also on my to see list is 'Just Go With It' which I hear is hysterical, and who can forget Bieber's 'Never Say Never'. I can't wait to check them out. On a lighter note, as spring and summer approach so do the hilarious movies and rom coms. My favorite. Check out these trailers for a few movies that I'm super stoked to see. 

Something Borrowed- the film adaptation of the best-selling novel by Emily Giffin, it stars Kate Hudson, Ginnifer Goodwin and John Krasinski. I liked the book, but from the looks of the trailer the movie may be even better.

Bad Teacher- With a potty mouthed Cameron Diaz, Justin Timberlake and Jason Segal, Bad Teacher looks absolutely hilarious. 

The Hangover Part II- The boys from the Hangover are back. Do you think that Part II will live up to the hype? Guess we'll have to wait and see until Memorial Day Weekend. Until then, here's a little something to tide you over. 


Precious Gems

These dreary Vancouver days have been making me crave summer more than ever. I know I shouldn't complain as most of my friends are stuck in Edmonton, and it is absolutely horrible over there. I don't want to get myself excited or anything by looking at the spring/summer clothes rolling out, so lately I've been looking at gorgeous jewelry. You can find beautiful handmade and not super expensive pieces all around you! I've found that Etsy has lots of choices to suit any taste. My personal favorites include anything druzy and the entire Satomi Kawakita collection. Fabulous! Take a peek at a few of the gems I'm currently craving.

{Satomi Kawakita}

{imgs via etsy & pinterest}