Sunday, March 13, 2011


As residents of Dunbar, my room-mate Erica and I are frequent visitors to a local gem called Jethro's- Fine Grub. Open 8-4 daily, there is no dinner menu just all day breakfast and lunch. It's the cutest little place with a quirky personality all its own. The servers are all super nice and the music choices are pretty classic as well, ranging from the perfect Now and Then soundtrack, to some old blues. Its the perfect atmosphere. If that weren't reason enough to take a trip over to Dunbar, the food is phenomenal. As a self-proclaimed breakfast lover (I would legitimately eat breakfast for every meal if I could), Jethro's is heaven. The Eggs Benny is my personal fave, and what's more it comes in about 5 different styles. The pancakes are bigger than a regular sized dinner plate, and there are 2 of them in a serving...good luck finishing them. I won't even get started on anything else, you can find out for yourselves. But basically when it comes down to it, anything you have at Jethro's is bound to be great, quite inexpensive and hey the lunch menu isn't too shabby either. If you plan to head over on a weekend be prepared to wait! 

Happy Eating Everyone!