Friday, March 11, 2011

Latest Loves

It's Friday, yay yay yay, can't wait to have a nice relaxing weekend, no work, not a lot of homework, just some me time! Claire is almost here, less than a week til' shenanigans with my best friend can happen. Now that I'm finally a working girl again I can afford a few luxuries now and then. Here's a few things I have my eye on.

leather leggings/pants- love love love this outfit, casual, cute, perfect. dying to recreate.
{via prettystuff}

lightening the locks-spring is almost here, and i'm feeling that my hair is needing a little update and change of seasons. planning to add a few subtle highlights around the face and peeking through for a subtle change ala Mila Kunis, Leighton Meester, Rachel Bilson style. 
{via iheartit, glamour}

topshop is coming to canada!- how exciting is this news. this fall get ready.


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