Thursday, March 24, 2011

Workout Playlist

I've been on a bit of a fitness kick lately, and I have to say even a bad day can become a good one after a solid session at the gym. So get outside, or to the gym and get those endorphins flowing, bikini season is almost here! You can thank me later. Here are a few songs that always get me in the groove and working my hardest. 
PS: I know I laughed when I first thought of a couple of these, but seriously they work!

Heels Over Head- Boys Like Girls
Contagious- Avril Lavigne
Crazy In Love- Beyonce & Jay-Z
What's My Age Again- Blink 182 
(or really any Blink song for that matter. Trust me.)
Toxic-Britney Spears
Next 2 You- Buckcherry
Do It Alone- Sugarcult
DJ's Got Us Falling In Love-Usher
Only Girl- Rihanna
You're So Damn Hot- OK GO
You're Gonna Go Far Kid- The Offspring
Waking Up In Vegas- Katy Perry

So there are a few suggestions to get you going, there are WAY too many fantastic songs I've found on my iPod that are great to workout to.

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Coming Up: Working it out in cute, yet functional workout gear, fun ways to exercise

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