Sunday, October 9, 2011

Awkward & Awesome

It's possibly my favorite weekend of the year this weekend, Thanksgiving! To top it all off I'm  back in Edmonton to see my friends and family. How happy can a girl be?
Anyways this week was filled with numerous moments both awkward and awesome, so here we go. 

-seeing people who you used to know inside and out and not even exchanging a hello.
-going to the bottle depot and spilling my entire cart of bottles. not fun to pick up.
-walking into someone's house thinking they're not home, proceeding to talk to their dog, and walking into the kitchen only to find someone there thinking you are nutso.
-having an essay due on the sunday of thanksgiving weekend. listen i know you are in nigeria professor, but really? have a heart. 
-my uncontrollable snorting while watching 'What's your number?' It was funny, give me a break.

-being home and seeing my friends and dogs and family.
-one word. thanksgiving...need i say more?
-letting bygones be bygones and renewing a friendship you thought was completely lost.
-making new friends over a casual beer at the airport.
-having my cab driver tell me that just the way i talk brightened his day. apparently i can't help but laughing as i speak? who knows. 
-pre-plane presents. who doesn't love a magazine and some candy?
-checking a suitcase full of food ie: apple pie, cupcakes, and cookies galore to take back to Vancouver. Love me roomies. 

Hope you have an absolutely superb Thanksgiving weekend, I know I will!
xoxo C.

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  1. Yay! I love thanskgiving! I always love reading your awkward and awesome Thursdays - they are so funny! Keep doing them please :)