Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Just Friends?

Think about, really think about it. As a female, or male for that matter, how many members of the opposite sex would you consider a good friend who has only ever been a friend? Someone you've never felt anything more than friendship for, no undertones of sexual tension or flirtation, and have solely been friends with. Exes or someone you may have hooked up with before don't count. Ideally all we want is friendship, but how hard is that to attain? When I think about this tons of people come to mind as great friends NOW, but for a large portion of them there has been, at some point in time, feelings or curiosity towards the other on someone's part. Be it me, or him, it happens. It may not last long, or it may last longer than we even want to admit, but it has still been there. I'm lucky if we actually can end up as friends after something like that, because my track record as of late would state otherwise. Am I the only one on this page? Can boys and girls be just friends or is the curiosity always going to be there? More importantly, if you do give into the curiosity of what your "friend" has to offer how do you maintain an amicable friendship afterwards? These are just some late night ponderings and the venti christmas blend I had a couple hours ago isn't helping matters. Goodnight friends!

xoxo C.

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